Instruments - LasIR

LasIR gas measurement instruments are based on the absorption of light in the near-infrared region of the spectrum. Their unique light source is a tunable diode laser—a tiny device similar to the laser found in CD players but adjustable rather than constant. This laser can be calibrated to detect a particular gas, allowing a measurement that is free of interferences from any other gas or particle.

Gas Monitoring Equipment: an analyzer/controller that takes readings at specified intervals in a smoke stack. It enables the manufacturer to keep the waste gas emissions of the manufacturing process within the government-mandated regulation limits and sound alarms when nearing maximum limits. Instruments included: LasIR RM410 units and LasIR RB110 units.

Portable Gas Monitoring equipment: LasIR MP110 units - analyzers that can be hand-carried to make various measurements of the concentration of gas area. 

Environmental Process Monitoring: The analyzer is used in a manufacturing facility.  It aids the manufacturing process by maximizing efficiency, especially when the gas being analyzed is recaptured for sale as a byproduct. All types of Unisearch analyzers are capable of this process.

Fence-Line Monitoring for Perimeter Monitoring: Used to estimate fugitive emissions; can be used in gas detection military applications as well as environmental containment procedures.

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring: can be used by government agencies to determine ambient gas conditions.

Gas Applications: HCl Monitoring (Hydrogen Chloride gas), NH3 (ammonia gas) Monitoring, HF Monitoring (Hydrogen Fluoride), O2 Monitoring (Oxygen gas), CH4 Monitoring (Methane gas), and CO2 gas monitoring (Carbon Dioxide).

Portable Gas Analyzer
Allows for real-time measurement of target gases in a compact, weather-resistant design suitable for open-path, ambient-air and fence-line monitoring.

4 - 16 Channel Gas Analyzer
This multichannel unit allows you to take readings in up to sixteen locations simultaneously. Onboard memory enables you to save the data, which can then be loaded into a computer for analysis.

Mini Series Stack / Duct Gas Analyzer
This compact unit is perfect for use in ducts or stacks. Onboard memory enables you to save the data, which can then be loaded into a computer for analysis.

1 and 2 Channel Gas Analyzers