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H2O (ppm) Monitoring

The ppm of water vapour can be measured for determining moisture levels in an industrial environment. An example of where monitoring of H2O would be required in an industrial facility is in the production and use of ultra-pure nitrogen, or any other ultra-pure gases. Ultra-pure, inert gases are used to create protective atmospheres, where moisture is a contaminant. Measuring H2O levels using high-precision instruments can help to monitor and maintain the purity of these gases.


We offer the ideal TDLAS technology for H2O monitoring. Our instruments ensure accurate and rapid response to H2O levels. The Unisearch LasIR provides:

  • Reliable, accurate data
  • Rapid response – within seconds if desired
  • Multiple location monitoring for both fire detection and combustion optimization
  • Continuous emissions monitoring
  • Freedom from interferences from other gases which could result in erroneous data
  • Easy maintenance and improved process control
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