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LasIR™ Gas Analyzer

Rackmount Gas Analyzer

LasIRTM Laser-based In-situ Gas Monitor For US-EPA (PS-18) & TÜV Compliance (EU-EN 14181), Process Monitoring

Near IR tunable diode laser Telecommunication grade lasers for longevity, reliability and availability
Detection Limits
sub-ppmv to % levels depending on species and application.
Consult the factory for your specific application.
Factory Test results sent with every unit Internal reference cell, external portable audit module, or in‐line flow through cell
Outputs and Networking
Up to thirty-two 4‐20mA Analog Outputs, Ethernet, MODBUS-TCP/RTU, Six Dry-Contact NC & NO Status Relays
Data Logging and Displaying Software
LasIRView (with Data Review and Statistical Analysis)
Power Supply
Input 100 – 240 VAC @50‐60Hz +12VDC
Response Time
< 1 second
Environment Conditions
‐10°C to +50°C, 5 – 95% RH,
800 – 1,200 mbar
Gas Temperature & Pressure Compensation
4-20 mA inputs for each measurement point MODBUS register for each measurement point
Dynamic Range
5 orders of magnitude
Data Storage
Internal storage & External storage via Ethernet, RS232 or MODBUS-TCP/RTU
Standard 19” rack-mount
5.25” (H) x 17” (W) x 11” (D) (13 x 43 x 28 cm)
~11 lb (~5 kg)

Unisearch LasIRTM Gas Analyzer is a continuous monitor designed to measure flue gases for both compliance and process monitoring. The Controller uses a near infrared (NIR) Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometer System utilizing a single mode laser mounted in a thermoelectric cooler for unsurpassed accuracy and performance. Since the spectral purity of the laser is high and the selected absorption feature is unique, measurements can be made free of interferences from any other gas. The measurements are made in‐situ across the stack or duct in either a single or dual pass design (depending upon the application). A Windows based software package displays the data on either a Host laptop PC or the client’s existing data acquisition system.

Features & Benefits

  • TDL (Tunable Diode Laser) technology for unmatched accuracy & reliability
  • High sensitivity ppb to percent level measurements
  • One analyzer can be used for up to 16 measurements points
  • Performance designed Process Monitor
    • In-situ: Gas sampling/conditioning not required
    • Corrosive/toxic applications
    • Calibration not required
    • Inline/Offline Audit option available
  • Exceeds US-EPA CEMS Regulation requirements
    • MACT & MATS ‐ PS‐18 Compliant
    • Boiler MACT O2 and CO Compliance
    •  Approved Zero & Span Calibration checks
  • Extremely Fast (<1 second) response time
  • Compact and simple to install
  • Ambient conditions from ‐40°C to 70°C
  • Operates in high dust/moisture applications
  • Unaffected by stack/duct alignment changes
  • Laser located in controller allowing for simple signal control and diagnostic access
  • Moisture can be added as a second channel for many species
  • Multi-component​ measurements are available for certain species, i.e. CO/CO2, NH3​/HCN, CH4/C2H6​, H2S/CO2/H2​O
  • Off Stack/Process extractive option
  • Hazardous Area Div I & II options
Power Meter

The fiber/coax power meter is employed to measure both, the laser power transmitted through the fiber optic cable (for fiber optic cable verification) and the return signal as seen directly by the IR detector (for optimizing alignment). The meter is required for measurements at specific wavelengths.  The meter is an essential tool for checking system components and should remain on site with the equipment.

Sealed LasIR Audit Module

External audit modules allow the client to check the performance of the analyzers by automatically inserting a sealed cell containing the target gas into the measurement path.  The sealed gas cell contains small amount of target gas (20-500 ppm-m available) and is warranted for 3 years. 

The cells can be connected in two configurations:  a fiber-fiber device that simply inserts into the fiber optic cabling (in series with the optics) at the analyzer, as well as fiber-coax device that can be independently connected to the analyzer (without the need of external optics).  The client is required to manually insert the cell into the fiber optic cabling.  The client may get the audit module re-certified by Unisearch at an added cost

IR/UV Flow-Through Audit Module

The external audit module allows the client to check the performance of the analyzers by inserting a module containing a flow-through cell and gas-in/gas-out ports. The gas-in port is meant to be connected to a gas cylinder containing known levels of the target gas.  Cylinder standard gas, flow control and sampling lines to the audit cell from the cylinder, and for exhaust disposal are the responsibility of the client.  

The audit module inserts into the fiber optic cabling (in series with the optics) at the analyzer.  The user simply flows calibration gas from a standard source (cylinder, permeation device) though the cell and determines the equivalent concentratioon from the ratio of the measurement path lenght to the audit cell path length times the calibration gas concentration.

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