Why gas analyzers, such as the o2 analyzer and so2 analyzer, are absolutey vital.

People who are working in factories in which sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide may leak or be produced for and by various chemical or manufacturing processes, will certainly be at risk for having their health affected by them. However, it seems that an so2 analyzer is going to help them stay very safe, regardless of what sector of the factory they will work in, because as long as these sensors will be installed there, they won't have to worry about their health.

Sulfur dioxide is a very toxic gas and it can have really nasty effects on human health. That is why more and more factories are considering the so2 analyzer in order to always be aware of when this gas is present in the breathable air.

In the same way, a co2 analyzer is yet again a vital unit that's going to measure the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. It's most of the time necessary for individuals who are welding in tight spaces for example. A lot of smoke will be produced and oxygen used and if that smoke cannot be vented, it will be very dangerous for the workers if they're exposed too long to it. However, by using a co2 analyzer, their safety will be guaranteed.

Last but not least, an o2 analyzer is very much necessary in applications or chemical processes where the exact amount of oxygen that has to be used matters a lot. On top of that, an o2 analyzer is also useful for those who are considering scuba diving. If they get too much oxygen in their system, it could definitely affect their health a lot, but having one such analyzer to help them keep an eye on this, they will be safe. With that being said, it seems that using any of these analyzers in the right premises will definitely improve safety and operations for people!

I don't know how people don't have an O2 analyzer in their workplaces, especially where they work with lots of chemicals and cases. This is a safety hazard and this monitoring equipment can potentially save a life in some situations.
Posted by: Nick | October 11, 2013, 9:31 am
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