What you wanted to know about gas monitoring equipment

The gas monitoring equipment devices or systems are commonly employed to monitor the leakage of various harzadous gases. These systems are normally placed at strategic positions where the possibility of suspected leaks are bound to occur. For this reason, they are connected electrically. Alarm facilities are also fitted in place to alert of any leakage that occurs. Toxic gas monitoring mainly involves sampling the surrounding atmosphere, and gases are consequently drawn into the sensors through tubes which in turn alert the sensors for the presence of harzadous gases.
There are various gas monitoring equipment employed in this practice. This includes:
These are instruments that are light weight in nature. This gas monitoring equipment is highly sensitive and operates on the principle of chemiluminescence. They are mainly fixed indoor or outdoor with no specific preference. They operate on the basis that air is sucked into the instrument by means of a micro pump which flows on a fabric wick dipped into solution. The reaction occurs on the surface which results into chemiluminescence phenomena. The signal recorded is a gas ratio in the atmosphere that was drawn into the equipment.
This instrument applies the principle of spectrophotometry. It bring into account the application of the Beer-lambert equation. The quantity of the gas absorbed is directly proportional to the number of gas molecules in the illuminated light path. Its other application includes measuring the amount of pollutants and tracing gas molecules.
This instrument for gas monitoring equipment can be configured by the user to perform specific wanted tasks. It is mainly used in outdoor environments such as in explosive situations. Its principle of operation mainly depends on absorption of signatures and then an automated software is used to analyze the spectrum and in turn identifies the type of compounds and their subsequent concentrations. Both organic and inorganic compounds can be analyzed by this method.
Its operation is based on the absorption of light spectrum in near infrared region. The source is a laser that can be calibrated specifically to allow detection of a particular gas.

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