Top 5 Methane Monitoring Requirements

 Methane monitoring is employed in environmental safety, CDM and gas- to- energy projects. You can either get the right equipment to monitor the methane volume or hire an experienced company to do so. Most people choose to hire professionally since it is cheaper in comparison to buying all the expensive equipment required.

Choosing the Right Methane Monitoring Firm

a) Technology Used

Look for a company that uses state- of- the- art software and hardware to deliver the most reliable and accurate methane recovery monitoring. Although methane is a valuable gas, it is also dangerous and extremely potent, especially as a greenhouse gas. Its utilization and capture is accompanied by enormous social, economic and environmental benefits.

b) Adherence to Industry Specifications

The Joint Initiative Flexible Mechanism (JI) and the Clean Development Mechanism (abbreviated as CDM) outlined in the Kyoto Protocol legally permit the monitoring of methane recovery processes to extract revenue in the mining industry. Therefore, it is imperative that you hire a company that adheres to the specifications, rules of conduct and powers outlined in these documents.

c) Accuracy

There is increased awareness on the value of methane as a waste gas. It can either be resold to aggregators or used in power generation. To maximize returns on investment, ensure your methane monitoring system and/ or outsourced service is accurate in the extraction of waste gases.

d) Safety and Security

Even if you are not involved in CDM/ JI and/ or gas- to- energy projects, you may need to use one methane recovery monitoring system or the other. This is the only way to can maximize safety, ensure minimum downtime and protect your plant and personnel.

e) Updated Monitoring Systems

Previously, most methane monitoring systems were inaccurate due to the presence of other compounds and gases in the gas mixture. Thus old methane recovery systems fooled conventional sensors with errors of over 30 percent.

Such errors lead to problems with concerned regulatory authorities, damage valuable machinery and equipment and endanger lives. Therefore, it is imperative that you use an updated monitoring system or service to drastically reduce these margins of error.

Where possible, use equipment and services provided by a company that has been in the market long enough to know how methane monitoring works, the requirements it entails and other legal implications attached to the processes involved. This way, you will be able to maximize safety, meet regulatory and legal requirements comfortably and increase profits.

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