The Technology of co2 Analyzers for Different Industrial Applications

 Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring chemical compound that exists in the Earth’s atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is produced through the combustion of coal and other hydrocarbons, the fermentation of sugar during beer and wine making and by the respiration of all living organisms including man. Since carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, its environmental effects are of immediate concern due to the increasing carbon dioxide concentrations on the atmosphere. This has increased the rates of global warming causing major climate changes. Since carbon dioxide is seemingly of great interest in many analytical applications, a co2 analyzer can be used to measure carbon dioxide in percent (%) and parts per million (ppm) depending on the requirements of the applications.

Measuring carbon dioxide in steel-making applications

The off-stream gas resulting from steel making applications such as EAFs contains carbon in the form of carbon dioxide which can dynamically be measured in percent levels. The co2 analyzer is essential in these applications for energy balance, end-point determination and for maintaining product hardness and quality.

Measuring carbon dioxide in combustion applications

Carbon dioxide is a by-product of combustion from boilers, heating systems and furnaces. The co2 analyzer can be used to measure temperature and oxygen content for the proper evaluation of burner efficiency and performance. To tune a boiler for maximum efficiency and energy savings, a co2 analyzer with measurement in percent can be very useful. The toxicity of carbon dioxide is also reason why there is a need for a co2 analyzer since the combustion processes may be releasing dangerous levels of carbon dioxide.

Measuring carbon dioxide in landfills

Carbon dioxide along with other gases is by-product of three of four bio-chemical stages in the landfill gas production. The co2 analyzer and methane analyzer can measure levels of carbon dioxide and methane in the landfill gas to determine gas quality. Landfill gas is approximately 40% to 60% methane with the remainder mostly carbon dioxide. These gases can be harnessed for energy for the boiler or combustion system including raw heat for some its processes. Measuring through co2 analyzer will be essential in evaluating the exhaust products for energy efficiency.

Measuring carbon dioxide in agricultural applications

Carbon dioxide is required by plants for the process of photosynthesis. Greenhouses have to maintain and enrich their atmospheres with additional carbon dioxide for increased plant growth and productivity. In a controlled atmosphere of low levels of oxygen and elevated levels of carbon dioxide can disinfect produce, prolong freshness and control pests and insects.

Measurement of carbon dioxide for fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers that are designed for electrical fires contain liquid carbon dioxide under pressure. However, high concentrations of carbon dioxide can cause suffocation so that fire testing and applications may require the simultaneously analysis through co2 analyzers to help evaluate the system.

There are many different models of co2 analyzers as well as other gas analyzers for different industrial applications. These analyzers come in portable form or permanent continuous models based upon your requirements for carbon dioxide measurement in percent. 

I have an o2 analyzer and a co2 analyzer because elevated levels are beneficial against insects and other things.
Posted by: Brad | December 12, 2013, 4:55 pm
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