SO2 (sulfur dioxide) is a gas that is mainly found in our workplaces. It is one of the main air pollutants. The gas is emitted through burning of sulfur. This element is found in many raw materials in various industries, commonly so in fossil fuels. Sulfur dioxide is also emitted naturally from volcanoes and wildfires. Nevertheless, petroleum refining, metal extraction and use of coal in power plants are the main sources of sulfur.

If you get exposed to SO2, it becomes a great health threat affecting both the workers and the people who live in the neighborhood of workplaces. Respiratory problems are developed as a result of this exposure. Even a minute exposure can lead to asthmatic conditions in a person's body thereby leading to grievous cardiorespiratory diseases in the long term.

With this and much more in mind, there is the need for So2 monitoring. So2 analyzer is used by both the government corporations and companies in checking the composition of the air in the atmosphere even before planning and imposing any monitoring scheme for a specific workplace. Such analyzers also assist the organization in keeping a regulation of sulfur emissions based on the government order.

So2 monitoring may be done by remote sensing. The ultra violet spectral and the infrared bands are mainly used in reading the measurements out of the gas monitors. The measurements can also be read from instruments like sorbent tubes, impingers, surface acoustic wave and sulfur dioxide florescent detector. These instruments are in line with the latest So2 analyzer technology.

In choosing the most appropriate monitoring way in a workplace, several factors need to be considered. The importance of So2 monitoring should be the first consideration. Origins and degrees of contamination are also taken into consideration, as well as the requirement of actual time reaction in case there is detection of high degrees of so2 in the workplace. In addition, acquiring the correct way for So2 monitoring, the workplace needs to be taken into account.

Does SO2 analyzer need to be calibrated?
Posted by: Miam De | April 18, 2013, 4:43 pm
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