The Importance of Methane Monitoring

Methane is a dangerous gas, particularly when it is concentrated in a confined area that's close to a volatile source of heat. In fact, any area is vulnerable to explosions if the amount of methane in the local area's air increases by at least 5 to 15 percent. Also, if higher amounts of methane form in the air, they can reduce oxygen levels by a significant amount, causing respiratory problems for humans in the area. 

These are some of the reasons why methane monitoring is very important. It helps prevent areas and facilities with high concentrations of methane from becoming potential disaster areas. In certain countries methane monitoring is a necessity, particularly in areas that are close to landfills. This is done in order to detect and eliminate any concentrations of methane in the area before they become a real fire hazard. 

Of course, the goal behind methane monitoring is to ensure the safety of the public as well as the workers in the landfill. In fact, factories as well as landfill operators in certain countries are required to monitor the buildup of CH4 around their facilities every three to four months or so in order to make sure that methane levels do not exceed the Lower Explosive Limit. 

These pockets of concentrated methane are measured using a portable methane analyzer. This device has two scales. The first scale is for detecting trace amounts of methane, while the other is used for tracking large concentrations. 

The process behind methane monitoring is usually carried out after low pressure systems, such as thunderstorms, have recently passed through the surrounding area. This is because such climatic phenomenon increases the amount of gases found in local landfills and other similar facilities. Climatic events also influence the rate of gas that is measured during periods when the monitoring is performed.

I like how you guys want to show that methane monitoring should be used for worker safety. Most of the plants will buy a methane analyzer for their manufacturing purposes though.
Posted by: Manny | April 3, 2013, 3:52 pm
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