Other reasons why a CH4 analyzer is so important

Even though methane has no color and it cannot be smelled at all, if people will get to be exposed to it for prolonged periods of time, they might have their health gravely affected. What is so dangerous about this gas is that people can be exposed to it for a very long time, without being aware of this. It seems that the industries and generally the factories which deal with methane in any way (either extracting it or transporting it) are very much aware of the dangers that surround the workers handling the gas and that is another reason why they put a lot of emphasis on CH4 monitoring. 

The CH4 monitoring systems have evolved over time and even though in the past some of them were not really that efficient and left a lot of room for risks, nowadays the modern sensors are capable of detecting even the most minute quantities of methane in the breathable air, accounting for a very safe work environment in which people don't have to worry about their safety.

In general, a CH4 analyzer will be installed on ceilings, but it can also be installed in the premises of methane tanks that store the gas which is then meant to be transported to various locations. The sensitivity of the CH4 analyzer will depend on the model purchased, but the great news is that many of these analyzers can also be set to be more or less sensitive. If they are set to certain values, they might account for false alarms which can be very costly for factories, especially if they have to halt operations in one or more sectors.

With that being said, it seems that any factory that deals with methane in any way will certainly need to consider a CH4 analyzer. It will ensure its premises are safe and that workers can do their job unhindered.

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