LasIR Technology in Gas Measurements

LasIR technology is based on the absorption of light in the near-infrared region of the spectrum. Its unique light source is a tunable diode laser—a tiny device similar to the laser found in CD players but adjustable. This laser can be calibrated to detect a particular gas, allowing a measurement that is free of interferences from any other gas or particle. Unisearch Associates, has several different models in the LasIR family including:

LasIR MP110 - Portable Gas Analyzer
Compact and durable, this portable unit allows the user to move easily from one location to the next to analyze gas emissions in a variety of environments. A great feature allowing for constant monitoring and analysis is the onboard memory enables saving of data which can be loaded into a computer.

LasIR RM410/RM810/RM1610 - 4 - 16 Channel Gas Analyzer
This multichannel unit allows you to take readings in up to sixteen locations simultaneously. Like the MP110, it also has onboard memory for comparative analysis and monitoring.

There are many other options available to suit whatever area you need to monitor from ducts to large rooms.

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