Continuous Emissions Monitoring

 The typical Continuous Emissions Monitoring System is used to measure and analyze a number of polluting agents found in a stack environment. Monitoring within this stack usually comes with its own problems, especially due to extreme changes in temperature, pressure and the velocity of the sample. The common pollutants measured include NO2, NO and SO2. Monitoring systems are also used for NH3, H2S, CO2 and CO.


Today, there is a wide variety of continuous emissions monitoring solutions that use different techniques to achieve the same goal. Therefore, irrespective of the equipment chosen, you can be sure that you will be use the same technology to meet your individual requirements. Some of the reasons why you should consider getting one of these effective continuous emissions monitoring solutions include:


a) Fool Proof Monitoring


First, you need to ensure you buy from companies that are leading their own market. This way, you will get to work with a fool proof continuous emissions monitoring system designed by professionals who have worked on other installations in the past.


When you buy from the right source, you will also get a monitoring system that combines field- proven expertise and technologies used in the most rugged extraction and conditioning systems. This will provide you with superior measurement repeatability and accuracy.


b) Adhere to Industry Regulations


Buying your continuous emissions monitoring equipment from the right vendor also ensures that you get the right system. This equipment will have been designed to consider and adhere to set CEM regulations specified in environmental and clean- air laws around the world.


Where possible, ask the vendor whether the continuous emissions monitoring equipment will help you maintain emissions compliance, meet data reporting requirements and ensure compliance and certification required from local and international regulating authorities.


c) Cost Effective Solutions


The right continuous emissions monitoring system will also offer you the most affordable solution. You can monitor stack gases, comply with local and international regulations and reduce expenditure in the process.


Additionally, these systems are designed to automatically perform span checks unattended. Automatic calibration also makes it cheaper and less time consuming to validate the system on a daily basis.


d) Customized Solutions


Finally, common continuous emissions monitoring equipment range from packaged, pre- engineered systems to more complex and customized engineered systems. With the customized systems, you can measure multiple gases, using data handling and acquisition. You can choose between the standardized monitoring equipment and the customized one depending on the kind of functionality you are looking for.

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