Benefits of the Right Ammonia Monitoring Equipment

 Ammonia monitoring equipment is useful especially for people who operate and run coal- fired power plants. Here, ammonia is used to reduce the accompanying NOx emissions. Therefore, it is important to use the right ammonia analyzer and monitoring equipment.

About Ammonia

Chemically denoted as NH3, ammonia is a colorless gas. It has a distinctive pungent smell. In NH3 monitoring equipment, the ammonia will consume the NOx particles. However, the high concentration of ammonia sometimes reacts with other things. In the process, these reactions can cause the premature failure of expensive pre- heaters and SCR equipment. The reactions also clog up filters in certain instances and lead to environmental degradation.

Ammonia Monitoring Equipment

To analyze and monitor ammonia levels at your plant, you need to find the perfect analyzer to use in NH3 monitoring. The analyzer will provide you with such benefits as:

a) Reliable Data

Without reliable data, you will not be able to take the steps required to minimize and control the ammonia emissions. This may lead to further environmental degradation and the destruction of expensive and complex operational machines.

b) Continuous Monitoring and Analysis

Unlike other monitors in the market, the ideal NH3 monitoring equipment should function continuously. This way, the equipment does not have to be manned and observed at all hours. It can perform well on its own and only checked when you need to read the results from ammonia monitoring and analysis exercises.

c) Gas- Specific Sensors

Where possible, you should get an ammonia monitor that has different gas- specific sensors. With such an analyzer, you can adjust the sensors to specifically monitor NH3 and readjust them to analyze other gases that you need to measure. Needless to say, this is practical, cost effective and useful in the long run.

d) Easy Maintenance

The operation structure should be easy to maintain. Conventional NH3 analyzers are difficult to deal with and keep in good shape. However, when you buy the best ammonia monitoring equipment, you will no longer have to worry about continuously maintaining it.

How It Works

Ammonia monitoring equipment work on certain set principles. They typically absorb light from a tunable and adjustable diode laser which can be calibrated so that it detects ammonia. This kind of detection allows reliable measurement, free from interference from other particles and gases.

Therefore, it is important to get the NH3 monitoring equipment that will yield the best results. It should not be affected by interference from any other chemical; otherwise the readings will not be useful.

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