The Multiple Functions of o2 Analyzer for Different Industries

 Oxygen (O2) is the third most abundant element in the atmosphere after hydrogen and helium. For living organisms including human life, oxygen is essential for breathing. An adult human who is at rest requires 1.8 to 2.4 grams of oxygen per minute. However, millions of tonnes of oxygen are also harvested from the air annually for industrial processes. The steel industry uses almost half of the amount of oxygen extracted since the process of smelting iron ore into steel requires high pressure injection of oxygen into the molten steel to remove impurities. The remaining O2 is used by other industries and o2 analyzer is required for the industrial processes.

The importance of o2 analyzer

Some of the other industrial applications of oxygen aside from the steel industry are chemical, metal-working, medical, aerospace and water treatment industries. The need for the o2 analyzer is to verify low oxygen content in the different processes. Besides that, o2 analyzer is also used for combustion air oxygen enrichment, flue gas analysis, oxygen deficiency analysis and many more. The o2 analyzer is also used for residential and commercial settings for checking combustion efficiency, air infiltration and burner and control performance of their boilers, furnaces and heaters. Non-industrial uses of the o2 analyzer also include checking air quality at suitable levels for human safety like laboratories and parking garages.

Controlling air pollution at the source through gas analyzers

Many manufacturing and industrial processes emit hazardous pollutants to the environment that tends to accumulate in the atmosphere. These air pollutants are carefully monitored through environmental stations that are located in strategic areas. Equipment which is indispensable for these monitoring stations is the gas analyzer an example of which is the o2 analyzer to determine the efficiency of the combustion process. Using the gas analysis will help control air pollution at the source. Industrial processes also produce toxic gases unsafe for human and animal life. A leak can displace the local air and create an oxygen-deficient environment. Gas analyzers can efficiently monitor air quality to ensure safety for the residents living close to the industrial concern.

Oxygen analyzers for medical applications

Oxygen supplementation is widely used for medical applications particularly for patients suffering from emphysema, pneumonia, heart disorders and any disease that impairs the body’s ability to take up and use oxygen. When divers suffer from decompression sickness, increasing their levels of oxygen pressure as soon as possible is part of the treatment. Oxygen sensors which include o2 analyzer measure respiration or production of oxygen find a lot of use in applications like anesthesia monitors, respirators and oxygen concentrators. 

Oxygen analyzers for diving applications

Scuba divers and submariners rely on pure or almost pure oxygen when diving at higher-than-sea-level pressures. Deeper diving requires significant dilution of oxygen with other gases like hydrogen and helium so as to prevent oxygen toxicity. A diving type of oxygen sensor also referred to as o2 analyzer is used to measure the oxygen concentration control mechanisms of closed circuit rebreathers so as to maintain the partial pressure of oxygen within safe limits. 


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