Preventing Adverse Circumstances through the HF Analyzer

 Hydrogen fluoride (HF) is a chemical compound and the principal source of fluorine, often in liquid form as hydrofluoric acid and the precursor to other important compounds used in pharmaceuticals and polymers. HF is also widely used in glass etching, stainless steel pickling, silicon semiconductor chip production and the automotive industry. However, hydrogen fluoride is a highly dangerous gas, highly corrosive and very toxic. The hf analyzer provides the sensitive monitoring of hydrogen fluoride in ambient air or during an industrial process to ensure final product quality and prevent waste. HF data is required for the most demanding industrial trace gas detection applications.

Sources and exposure to hydrogen fluoride

·         The main source of human exposure to hydrogen fluoride is the consumption of public drinking water where fluoride has been added including food and a number of dental products.

·         Individuals are also more likely to be exposed to hydrogen fluoride through inhalation and dermal contact in the workplace since the chemical compound is widely used for many industrial applications. Due to the hazards of hydrogen fluoride in the workplace, industries must have the hf analyzer installed in areas where the chemical compound is used.

·         However, due to industrial processes, people are also likely to be exposed to hydrogen fluoride emissions in the environment. There is exposure limits recommended so that a worker can escape from an exposure condition that is likely to cause death or permanent adverse health condition. OSHA also provides for permissible exposure limits and the concentration of the substance to which most workers can be exposed to without adverse effects during their normal working hours.

·         Other sources of hydrogen fluoride in ambient environment are coal combustion, volcanic activity and dust from weathering fluoride-containing rocks and soils.

·         Fluoride is also a component of cigarette smoke.

How hf analyzers work

·         HF analyzers can be installed inside a room to monitor and observe the levels of hydrogen fluoride in the area

·         Portable hf analyzer can also be attached to belts and clothing to monitor HF levels

·         In manufacturing sites, a system of hydrogen fluoride monitoring is installed for the safety of the workplace. Its relevance is the prevention of hazards to workers if the HF levels happen to be excessive.

·         Some gas monitoring equipment does more than just monitor the levels of hydrogen fluoride levels. They can also determine the level of other hazardous gases particularly carbon monoxide. The consequences of HF and other hazardous gases will be prevented before they harm the workplace and the immediate environment.

·         Since hydrogen fluoride is colorless, you may never know that is already present in the surroundings. Easy and fast detection is provided through the hf analyzer that can operate continuously and can perform unattended for on-line monitoring without any need for wet chemicals.

·         The internal computer of the hf analyzer can store large amounts of data which can be accessed remotely using USB or internet connection.

·         With the integrated electronics and software and no moving parts or optics, the hf analyzer can work virtually without need for maintenance.


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