Methane Gas Poisoning

Methane is a poisonous gas and can lead to death if inhaled in excess that is why methane monitoring is very important.  The most common form of methane intake is through inhalation, whether intentional or not.

Methane can get into normal air if there is a crack in the sewer pipe or if we passed to close to a septic tank for example. Another way to have methane poisoning is if we drink a glass of water that contained methane in it. Water easily gets contaminated with methane but at the same time methane is a fast evaporating gas and so it may not stay very long in water. Touching and eating food or liquids that contain methane is very rare however it does happen sporadically.

If someone has had methane gas poisoning, then they exhibit some classic symptoms of poisoning. Methane when consumed in excess starts replacing the oxygen in the body. It causes headaches of severe forms and also dehydration very quickly. Vomiting also may be one of the symptoms. The person might feel extremely suffocated finding it very hard to breathe.

Methane poisoning can be deadly, and the only way to help a person is to rush them to the nearest ER for medical treatment. This is why methane monitoring is important at job sites where the potential for exposure or a leak of methane is possible.

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