Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) Monitoring

Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) monitoring is required to ensure safety in the workplace.  HCl is a yellowish gaseous substance.  It is highly corrosive though not flammable, is denser than air and has an obnoxious smell.   Hydrogen chloride is the main ingredient of the cleaning agent which household managers use when cleaning the bathroom (toilet parts, bathroom tiles and sink).  The substance is also used in metal electroplating, leather tanning, pickling and as a refining agent. 

It is one of the substances that are produced when people burn materials made of plastic.  Combined with water, hydrogen chloride becomes hydrochloric acid which is also highly corrosive.  Because of this, manufacturing companies are required to follow strict government regulations on HCl monitoring in factories.  As such, it is dangerous for people not to understand what menace hydrogen chloride can bring, and why HCl monitoring is so important.

It is for this reason that the HCl monitoring equipments (LasIR RM410 and LasIR RB1100) of the Uniresearch Associates company were made. HCl monitoring equipment now gives manufacturing a worry-free enviroment.

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