Extractive Configuration in TDLAS

There are generally 3 measurement path configurations in TDLAS: Extractive, Open Path, and Standoff. Extractive is typically used for control of manufacturing processes in industries including pharmaceuticals, polymers, fine chemicals, pulp and paper, and ceramics.  The extractive configuration of TDLAS can also be applied to pollution control in energy production and petrochemical refining. In these tunable diode laser applications, gas concentration is measured within an optical cell installed in a chamber through which the gases of interest are perpetually drawn. The optical path length within the cell is designed to provide the required sensitivity to the specific gas. A multipass optical cell can be used to provide a longer path length within a small volume. In most instances this yields sub-ppm sensitivity with rapid response. In some applications, the measurement cell is heated or operated at non-atmospheric pressure to maintain the sampled gas in the same chemical state as the process from which it is extracted.

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