Coal Mine Methane Monitoring

Mining companies definitely need methane monitoring equipment to improve safety and profit. Methane is a particular emission that comes mostly from underground mines. It is sometimes referred to as CMM (Coal Mine Methane). CMM is also generated from surface post mining such as processing, storage and transportation. CMM is categorized as a greenhouse gas that has twenty times GWP (Global Warming Potential) than CO2. Based on this fact alone, it is dangerous and prohibited to release Methane into the atmosphere. Mining companies should remove Methane to assure safety level. The good news is that companies can generate extra revenue from Methane because it can help produce electricity. 

Methane monitoring technology mainly uses infra-red detectors and thermal conductivity. The first technology - infra-red - is employed to detect Carbon-Hydrogen bond that is ideal to measure the Methane level. Although it is effective, Infra-red detection also has a few minor problems, one being its sensitivity to other hydrocarbons. Unlike the first technology, thermal Methane conductivity detects the gas sample to find Methane using thermal conductivity. Like the infra-red, thermal conductivity technology also has limitations, including its split to read gases other than Methane.

Mining companies today can achive more accurate methane measurements, thanks to new sophisticated methane monitoring technology. The new monitoring system employs infra-red detection with a particular continuous analysis on gas sample. The new monitoring system has a wider range of benefits. It can measure the proper methane level for various purposes such as electricity power generation, natural gas pipeline injection, mine heating, vehicle fuel, boilers co-firing, etc. The new methane monitoring system has CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) and JI (Joint Initiative) certificate with Kyoto Protocol standard. The current methane technology is designed with integrated system to maximize safety and also fulfill the regulatory standards.

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